What can CBT Counselling help with?

Low self esteem and lack of confidence is probably the biggest underlying cause of the difficulties people experience.

Whether that is in their personal relationships or in the work environment. And yet, low self esteem often has its roots in our early experience, and
whilst we cannot re-write history, we can develop strategies to overcome the difficulties and in time re-evaluate what learning we are taking from those experiences.

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Feeling down is a very natural human response to certain triggers or scenarios.

Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to feel appropriate sadness; sometimes we find ourselves seemingly locked in a loop of negative emotion
and thought and unable to break free. Talking therapies can help us break the loop and move on to more healthy ways of being.

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Stress – We live in increasingly pressured and stressful environments these days.

But when you find yourself unable to switch off; bothered by chronic worry, and find your enjoyment of life is compromised, then it is likely you are suffering from stress.
Therapy seeks to empower you, give you the tools and insights to make the changes you need to return to a happier life.

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Marriage & Relationship Issues:

Sharing your life with someone is seldom without times of struggle and conflict. When needs go unmet, people often don’t know how best to address the issue and often rows erupt. Rows seldom resolve anything but good communication does. Find out more about how CBT, relationship & marriage counselling can help you work through conflict better and overcome relationsihp difficulties.

Anger – the most important and perhaps least understood of the human emotions.

It has great potential for both benefit and harm. When turned against the self it can be one of the most destructive forces in our lives and yet it often is merely a cover for other emotions we prefer not to acknowledge to ourselves. Therapy offers us the chance to understand ourselves better – to hear the inner voice and acknowledge those hidden thoughts and feelings. Once we have acknowledged them they will fight less hard to get out.

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