Anger Management Classes: CBT Counselling near Cardiff

Anger Management Classes using CBT near Cardiff

Anger Management Classes: Learn how to deal with anger

The most common reason for people coming to me for anger management classes is to help them save a relationship. When conflict in a relationship gets aggressive and violent, it shows the couple have reached breaking point. If you’re reading this page, chances are you’ve reached that point. But there is hope.

Anger management classes will give you the tools to handle conflict better and change how you react.

Find out more about how anger management classes can help you, and the typical cost for a short course.

Anger management classes Cardiff

Anger Management Techniques – CBT Counselling can help.

Anger is a healthy emotion when it is used wisely. Anger gives us the energy to create change in our lives. Anger helps us live more productive lives – when it is used well.

BUT, when anger becomes rage, and things get out of hand, it leads to

Aggression and fear will destroy the love and affection that you started out with. When anger issues lead to violence it can hurt and harm your children. Research has proved the abusive and damaging effect caused to children who witness aggression between their parents. Blazing rows, rage, threatening behaviour and name-calling can be classed as domestic violence, even without a single punch being thrown. The harmful effect on children of parental conflict is a leading cause of teenage depression and childhood trauma. and has become a

But there is hope.

Anger management classes using CBT can help you change

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) helps you understand the link between thought and emotion, and will give you control over your anger. CBT can help you change abusive behaviours into more healthy ‘adult assertiveness’.

Anger management classes using CBT can help you be in control of your anger, and not find yourself being controlled by it.

CBT anger management techniques

If you are seeking help with anger management in Cardiff; or South Wales Valleys, (including Caerphilly, Newport, Cwmbran and Pontypool) please click the button below to request an assessment session:

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For other parts of the UK counselling will help you find a therapist near you. Remember to ask the therapist how much experience they have of dealing with this issue, and how confident they are of being able to help you.