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I offer a clinical supervision service to individuals and groups working within counselling and psychotherapy settings, and other caring professions.

Whilst counsellors and psychotherapists have long been acquainted with the benefits of clinical supervision, other workers in the caring professions can also benefit from a space in which the impact of their work on their own history and personal lives can be explored and worked through. If you work with within a caring profession (teaching, nursing, mental health) and you find yourself worrying about clients, or are finding your own emotional welfare is being affected by the work you are doing it is likely that you could benefit from clinical supervision.


I qualified as a therapist in 2001 and achieved accredited status with BACP in 2004. I worked at RFDC offering clinical supervision to their trainees for several years on the CPCAB Therapeutic Counselling (CBT) course. Subsequent to this I have worked for several years both as a clinician in private practice, and as a supervisor and trainer in counselling. I work predominantly from the Hawkins & Shoet process based model of clinical supervision and am able to bring many years of clinical experience to my work as a supervisor.

What is Clinical Supervision>

Clinical supervision works best when it gives you insight into the work you are doing with your clients that helps you be more effective as a helper. Sometimes the work with our clients is challenging or confusing, but due to the confidential nature of the helping professions it’s not something we can discuss at home. Having a space to discuss the work in a confidential and professional setting allows us to work through the emotional demands of helping others, meaning we can maintain good personal health and well-being as clinicians.

Helping others deal with emotional distress involves building a good therapeutic rapport with clients. In the work as clinicians, we might sometimes experience our clients are endearing, sometimes frustrating or sometimes we can find empathy is being blocked or hindered by an unconscious pattern being generated between therapist and client. The value of supervision is to have a safe space to explore these ‘transference’ issues, to understand the dynamics affecting the client and to move beyond them so that we are able to work at the best.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your supervision requirements – whether that is a specific need or merely to explore whether it may be of benefit to you.

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Certification: Counselling Supervision (60 Credits at Masters level)