Anxiety and Stress

CBT for Anxiety and Stress: learn how to control anxiety using cognitive behavioural techniques

Anxiety and Stress are the most frequent presenting issues in my practice, and the good news is that CBT counselling can help. Sometimes clients recognise the underlying cause is perhaps related to work related stress or relationship anxieties and they need tools to cope better. Sometimes the underlying cause is harder to pin down. This is why CBT counselling for anxiety and stress can help.

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Symptoms of Anxiety and Stress

symptoms of anxiety and stress

CBT counselling is an NHS approved form of treatment for anxiety and stress, CBT is specifically recommended in the NICE guidelines because it has a proven track record. Unlike more passive forms of talking therapy, the benefit of CBT for anxiety and stress, is that it will teach you coping methods to help you control your symptoms, and understand and the cause.

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Dealing With Anxiety and Stress

When external factors make demands on us that exceed our ability to cope we can start to feel stress and anxiety. Feeling stressed is more than uncomfortable – it affects us physically, emotionally, and socially.

When people get stressed they are often tetchy and short tempered. Concentration can suffer and you may suffer bad headaches, have difficulty sleeping and experience loss of sex-drive. These symptoms will affect how you live your life and have an impact in all areas.

If the cause of the stress is your job it will also impact on your relationship at home and create a double-whammy. Similarly, stress arising from personal life issues such as relationship breakdown, bereavement, health issues, or financial problems will impact negatively on how you perform at work – creating its own stress. Whichever way round, stress can be destructive if not dealt with early.

Therapy can help you tackle and ultimately reduce your stress by working out the cause and giving you tools to cope better. Stress is fuelled by worry and fear, and talking through your stress and anxiety with a therapist skilled in this area will help you get more awareness of how the pressures on you are affecting you and help you identify resources that might help you.

The advantage of CBT counselling for stress and anxiety is that it is focussed on identifying the thoughts that underpin your fears, and helps by getting you to look at things from different angles. CBT counselling, unlike other models of counselling offers tools and strategies to help you deal differently with problems.

How stressed am I? – Click this link toTake the mood analysis tool and get an indication of your emotional wellness.

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