Childhood Abuse Counselling

Counselling for Childhood Abuse: Change Is Possible.

I started my professional career working in the field of childhood abuse counselling. As a survivor of past abuse I have a particular sensitivity to the issues. If you wonder if you or your partner's experience of childhood was 'abuse' then read on…..
Abuse in childhood is defined as

  • Emotional and or physical neglect

  • Physical abuse including excessive physical discipline

  • Sexual abuse and trauma including inappropriate touching

To experience any or a combination of these can make us more vulnerable to emotional distress later in life. Oftentimes the symptoms in adulthood are masked by compensatory behaviours – excessive reliance on alcohol or illegal drugs, uncontrollable anger, emotional distance – always keeping people at arms length.
Paradoxically, sometimes the effects work in the opposite direction – with survivors of painful pasts being very sensitive to the moods and needs of others often in very self sacrificing ways.
Common symptoms of a dysfunctional past are:

  • Having feelings of worthlessness or unlovability

  • Finding people take advantage of you or mistreat you

  • Misusing alcohol or drugs or choosing partners who do

  • Having an unhealthy relationship with food

  • Workaholism and being excessively driven to succeed in everything

  • Distrusting others and finding intimacy difficult

  • Self destructive behaviours and suicidal thoughts

  • A pattern of unstable or unsatisfactory relationships with loved ones

  • Finding healthy assertiveness difficult

  • Explosive or destructive anger

If you or your partner are experiencing any of the above symptoms in a way that interferes with the quality of your life or has come at a cost to you in the past, then it could help you to look at what it is that drives these behaviours. We can't change the past but we can end the destructive behaviours and work in new more functional and healthy ways.

Change is possible. Life can be better.

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A derivative of Cognitive Behavioural therapy which I have found to be particularly effective for people with a painful childhood history.
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