The Cost

How much does CBT counselling cost?

CBT Counselling is generally considered to be the most cost effective model of counselling and psychotherapy, which is why it is favoured by the NHS and recommended in the NICE guidelines: indeed you may have been advised by your GP to seek out some CBT counselling which is why you are on this page.  Unlike older models of therapy CBT can cost less because it is more pro-active in helping you reach solutions to your difficulties, achieving better outcomes more quickly than other models.  If you are struggling with emotional problems caused by a recent life event (say bereavement; relationship breakdown or divorce; work stress for example) significant benefit can arise from as few as six sessions in many cases.  Even for more long term life difficulties – say being raised in an abusive home environment and subsequently struggling with relationships, CBT counselling can offer you strategies and insights to help you feel happier: consider it a worthwhile investment in your future wellbeing.

What price would you pay to be happier or to be more at ease with your self?

The cost of counselling will reflect the costs of any professional service since with all businesses there are overheads to be covered.  I have endeavoured to keep this as low as reasonable, and in offering package deals I hope to make therapy more accessible to you. (Compare the cost of a six session package with say a weekend away or an oil change and basic service for the car.)

If you are comparing the cost of therapy sessions, it is important for you to check out a few things. Firstly and most importantly is to ascertain the level of qualification and experience. Your emotional and psychological welfare needs to be in safe hands – not those of a keen amateur. BACP accreditation is a good indicator that someone has met strict criteria in both training and experience.  As a senior accredited practitioner, I am able to draw on many years of experience in this work and you can be confident that you are paying someone with a high level of qualification and expertise.

Many therapists work to a 50 minute hour. I have found that by working to a full 60 minute hour there is more time spent working for the client benefit and less time pro-rata spent on ‘entering/greeting and paying/leaving’ which means you get better value for money

So, if you are looking for a therapist ask yourself…

  • How well qualified and experienced is the therapist
  • Is this therapist working legally and within a professional code of ethics
  • How long is an ‘hour’?

Booking a session is simple – either call or email me and we can arrange your first session  – usually within the same week, and you can take it from there.

Here is my pricing structure:

Description Quantity Price
Assessment up to 1 hour £35
Standard fee 1 hour duration £60
Clinical Supervision 1.5 hours duration £75
1 hour duration £55/session
Cancellation fee Sessions cancelled at less than 48hrs notice £30
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*If you are not based locally I can offer CBT counselling over SKYPE in appropriate cases*

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